December 11, 2009

Friday's Five

Often we tend to forget the good that happens each day. In an effort to combat this, I am going to start a weekly post- Friday's Five. This will (hopefully) help me take time to remember how truly blessed I am.

So today I am thankful for:
1.Matt Pelletier and the college student who pushed my car up the hill when I got stuck in the snow.
2. Coming home to a warm house thanks to the fabulous fire that Ben built.
3. Daughters who want to sleep together, set up their "room" for the night, get ready for bed, and tell us we don't need to come in to do devotions, that they have their own Bible in the room. And then hearing Maddie read devotions to her younger sisters.
4. Friends who send me an e-mail just to see how I am doing... and knowing they really care. Thanks Angela!
5. A God who supplies all my needs long before I even know they exist.