September 4, 2008

Exploring Adoption

We have officially started exploring adoption! This is an exciting and scary time for us. Adoption is something I have always felt called to do and we have both come to a point where we are ready to really consider adopting. The girls are very excited about the idea of welcoming a new brother or sister into our home.
It is strange to me to think that somewhere in our world is a little child waiting for a family and that we may be that family.
I ask for you to pray for us when we come to mind. Pray as we fill out all the paperwork and journey through this process, pray that we will sense God's leading and hear him clearly, pray for our teachers, social workers, and everyone involved in working with us, and pray for our son or daughter who does not yet know we love them.


Liana said...

We'll be praying for you as you begin this journey!
How exciting!e

Northern NY Mom said...

Enjoy this journey. Your baby-to-be will be blessed to have you guys and three big sisters! Maybe, someday if its in God's plan, we will join you guys.