September 7, 2012

Literally Speaking

I am a very literal person. I never realized how much so until I married a very non-literal man.

I take what is said at face value always. When I say something to you it is truth, not a sugar coated version of something to make you feel good. I mean what I say and only say what I mean. This has caused for many interesting discussions in our household.

I have been told that I am not an encourager when the truth is I am not going to say “way to go,” unless it is deserved. If I see more in a person than they do I try to push them further. “Well done,” from me is true statement of how I thought you did, not a sprinkled version of affirmation to make you feel good.

I try to be kind to everyone but I cannot say I honestly love everyone. Despite being commanded to by Jesus, I fall short here. Those I love know I do.

I believe each person has their own beauty, but I suck at giving (and receiving) compliments. However, some people are so quick to tell everyone how special they are, which in my opinion removes the specialness of it all.

My favorite quote guy says it perfectly when Javan wrote: If I am truly honest, I cannot say I offer love to every stranger I meet for then what would I offer to those truly special in my life. Instead, I would like to believe I offer- Understanding that their life is as important to them as mine is to me; Compassion for all the pain and suffering that comes with being human; Tolerance of that which they choose to believe and the way they choose to live; and the Freedom to know their own life and to discover and develop their own abilities without any unwarranted hatred or prejudice from me. For even if I do not offer love, there is no other foundation on which love can grow.

I constantly say I am on my journey to becoming. I think it is a life-long process. I am starting to share more and more of my process through writing because I find in interesting to see where others are and try to motivate others to look at their own journeys. I love discovering that I am not alone in my thoughts or actions or doubts.

So if my writings cause you to pause and think about your own journey…”Way to go!” The literal person in me means that!

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