July 15, 2008

An Arabian Princess

Somewhere in my childhood land of make believe I was an Arabian Princess. It all started with my fifth grade English project on writing a family story. It also helps that my name- Sarah- means princess. Below you will see the actual story taken from my fifth grade paper (as I wrote it exactly in fifth grade)....
"My grandfather lived in Arabia on the Desert. He lived in a tribe named Saah. He wanted to come to America. The people on Ellis Island said he was not allowed to be an immigrant. On the way back to his home he jumped off the ship and swam ashore to texas. He became a big business man. My grandfather who told me about this had two last names. one was Elias and the other was the tribal name Saah. Elias was the name my great grandfather used when he came to America."
Honestly, it still is fun sometimes to picture myself dressed in elaborate silk clothing and jewels riding a camel surrounded by an entourage of men who jump at my command.
Surely to others this is something that they would never see. For too many times we do not share our stories, true or not, for fear of what others would think.
I thought about this more as I sat and listened to others talk about my grandmother at her funeral, it was so interesting to see her through another's eyes. For what she was to me was so narrowed in my own perception of who I thought she was.
It makes me wonder how many times I have not really seen others as they were or are or sometimes wish to be. My hope is that I try to not let my perception of someone, hinder them from being themself.

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