July 8, 2008

Riding with Jesus

As my grandmother sits waiting to dance in the arms of her Heavenly Father, I have been thinking a lot. What is it like to know that your journey on earth is nearing completion? Does one even comprehend the final moments?
I think many of us, especially when someone near us is dying, tend to think about our own lives more. I already have a list of things I would like to do in life--- some small, some big. And thankfully I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and friends who join me in my adventures.
As a mom of 3 girls I tend to get wrapped up in their adventures, which is great, but I also need to embrace my dreams. I am not advocating one neglect being a mother/wife to pursue their own dreams, but I do think we often place our dreams on a back burner too often. And before we know it time is gone.
I can remember my Grandma telling me years ago how she wanted to ride a motorcycle with a white scarf blowing in the wind. She might have been joking, but I remember the smile on her face and the light in her eyes as she talked. What is it that holds us back? Why do we wish and let time pass by?
Grandma, may you pass without regrets, may you know you are surrounded in love, and may you enjoy your motorcycle ride with Jesus with your white scarf blowing in the wind.

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Shelley said...

I loved this post, Sarah. I agree,it's hard to find the balance between dreaming our own dreams and making them happen, and being in kid-world.

I have to intentionally write down the stuff I WANT to do or I'll just passively ride along side of Sadie or Dan's life. I'm still figuring out my own independence, really.

Glad to see you blogging.