September 5, 2011

Taking Flight

I sat on the beach today with my friends enjoying the holiness of the ocean. In front of us was a collected pool of water that offered a safe place away from the crashing waves.

I watched a little bird land in the water; his beak dipping in for sips of refreshment. A small wave of water rushed towards his little feet and I watched as it surprised him to flight. He landed on the sand and proceeded to walk away. Eventually taking off in flight for another place.

This reminded me of the collection of fabulous friends I have; many going through change.

Some are still stuck in the crashing of the waves, while others have managed to work their way to the pool of water....away from the crashing waves, yet still feeling the ebb and flow of their impact.

Change is hard. Yet life is full of it- sometimes good; sometimes not so good. We cannot control it. What we can do is offer a safe place to those we love for them to be.. to simply be. To laugh, to cry, to sing, to dance, to scream, to rest... until one day....

Until one day--we realize that they are ready... that we are ready--and have been surprised to flight.

I cannot look at birds without marveling at their ability to fly. The grace and ease at which they seem suspended in air is breathtaking.

So it is as equally as beautiful to watch others embrace change. Delighting as they realize their hopes are within reach and their dreams are becoming reality. They absolutely soar.

And it is beyond words when you realize you are the one that is taking flight.

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dedras said...

And we all soar....
Beautiful. Thank you.