June 5, 2013

She was Here Before Me

When I married Mike, I gained a honey colored beauty. Golden locks adorn a whitened face accented by amber eyes.

On command performances are happily given with expectation of sweet rewards. Kisses are sloppy, butt rubs are yearned for, and the most expressive eyes get me every time.

The play with me energy often surprise me accented with "come on, let's go!" And the trance of the chase often makes me forget that a slow meander is more typical.

The "I have never met a stranger" welcomes everyone with love and often becomes every man's best friend. The rare to be angry still embodies a protective fierceness for those who are special.

Outside is the preferred location for anything, even when the southern heat causes panting and drool.

Growling and tail wags are simultaneous forms of communication for all happy occasions.

Clumps of hair litter my living room floor and often my couch looks like it is growing whiskers. Peering down at my feet I often feel like I missed shaving tons of my toe hair.

Before me, she was here. She comforted an abandoned and broken man. She licked his tears away as he laid on the floor in despair. She carried sticks in from outside to build a protective nest around his bed.

She made him take her for walks and gave him something to take care of, even when he couldn't take care of himself. She watched, and felt, and loved.

She saved him daily.

In some cultures Goddesses are associated with motherhood, love and the household. In other cultures, Goddesses rule over healing.

When she was named no one knew what the future held...but I cannot think of a more appropriate name for this wonder of a dog.

Before I married Mike I sat on the floor with her paws in my lap and looked into her eyes. I thanked her for saving him and I asked her for permission to be part of their world. She cocked her head sideways at me peering back into my eyes. She licked my face before running off to chase a squirrel.

In a house full of women, she truly is the Goddess.

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