November 13, 2013

Time for a Little Fun

You may have seen all these random numbers and facts about people popping up on Facebook. So, instead of asking my friend to give me a number, I decided to do my own.

Twelve random things you may or may not have known about yours truly.
1. I was a vegetarian for several years, multiple times. Not because I think it is cruel or ungodly to eat meat. Simply because I am such a visual person that certain images made me stay away from meat for years.

2. In a different time and place, I raised chickens for fresh eggs (and yet I don't eat eggs) and two goats as pets.

3. I love underwear. In fact, I love it so much I own 73 pairs.

4. I hate flying and detest looking down when at high altitudes, but love to travel. And sky diving is on my Joie de Vivre list (joy of life list- which many of you call your bucket list).

5. Macho Man Randy Savage was my dream man.

6. I took classical piano for 6+ years.

7. I removed my nose piercing only because I constantly felt like I had boogers on one side of my nose and it drove me crazy.

8. I am German, Polish, Hungarian, and Arabian.

9. Wanting to be a sports marketer I interned with the Buffalo Bills and the Adirondack Red Wings (the farm team at that time to the Detroit Red Wings).

10. I have sung in the Billy Graham Crusade choir.

11. Two of my three blessings were born on their due dates.

12. I cannot drive a stick shift car and have no desire to learn how.

Now which one of these isn't true?

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