December 10, 2013

A Letter to Myself

Dear Me,

You sit here tonight feeling inadequate. You find yourself swimming in the mucky murky dirt of self doubt.
Whether it was an offhanded comment about the past or one of your thousand irrational fears, you have allowed yourself to feel less than you should.

You see yourself as second best. A place you have always thought you should be. You have continued to allow yourself to accept this.

The wind has been knocked out of your sails and like a ship on rough waters you continue to toss about trying to find your balance.

You aren't fighting right now, you are sitting down letting others throw their stupid comments or actions at you, like the downpour of rain in the midst of this storm.

Forget the rock star moments of his past, or all that was before. You have decided to create this life together and it's yours. Don't let others stupid comments or actions take away your joy.

Stand up and believe in what is now.

Remember, you are in control. (Yes, God really is but you know what I mean.)

You can sit in your party of one and pity, pity, pity yourself.

Or you can choose to live in today.

There are a thousand dreams you were created to live. A plethora of skills you possess to use. A heart of love waiting to give.

You might not see it, but they are all within your reach. Believe.

Forget all the naysayers who will always be there. They steal your joy when you let them.

Jealousy lurks just around most corners and will hit you again and again. Their jealous is not your problem. Leave it with them.

And Sarah...

You are wonderful and special.

You are smart and talented.

You take care of yourself and those you love in countless ways.

You are gifted.

You are unique and beautiful.

Wipe all this self pity crap out of your heart and head and love yourself tonight. Because you are so worth it!

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