December 6, 2013

A Selfish Prayer

Hey God, I am rarely selfish and I know there are thousands of people who are worse off than me.

I am not asking for you to fix my problems, but can you at least give me peace.

Peace that this business we are creating, which has received countless positive reviews, is going to be sustainable. I mean I really have no idea where the money is coming from next year to keep this going.

Each day Mike and I get up and take these ideas and create hope for others out of them.

And it works!

God, it really works!

But can you send some more customers our way.

The income side of things is non-existent, but the personal satisfaction is great.

Or can you bless us with a big investor who wants to help others in living the life they were meant to live who chooses us as that channel?

In a sense we are very much like those we are working with. Hopeful.

Mike and I continue to live the life we desire without a net.

We have no idea how we are going to pay for this or that. How we are going to take the time or money to cross Ireland off my joie de vivre list.

But each morning we get up and continue pursuing a passion we both believe in. Creating books, classes, workshops, and coaching because it works.

So, God...I believe all this comes from you.

Is there a greater lesson I am to learn?

I mean honestly, I am struggling.

And I know I am not more special than the next person, but can you show me just how  we can keep this going when we have bills to pay, and car issues to fix, and medical insurance issues to face, and dental work necessary?

I don't know how this is going to work.

And I am okay if it doesn't. But somehow I think it is meant to be.

Somehow it is so much easier to give others hope than to see it within your own circumstances. I guess the fact that we keep going makes us different. So many give up when the unknowns become overwhelming.

A deep breathe relaxes my heart and head into a place of calm.

I don't know God. I really don't know. And I am scared. I really am. But I believe. And I am learning to trust more.

Maybe this is a greater journey of personal growth before the professional. I don't know. But, you do.

And I am ready to know.

Do you think I am?

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