June 11, 2017

Why Not Now?

Time may or may not be our friend. 

It is all too uncertain. 

I have friends who have been loyal to the same company for 20 plus years only to go to work one day and be told, sorry we no longer need you. 

I have friends who were waiting to retire to live all the adventures they dreamt, but tragically died before reaching retirement age. 

I have friends who have so much money saved for what ifs, they carry out the same routine daily complaining they never do anything else. 

I have friends who desire to go, but are held to a geographic location by fear. 

Nothing is promised. 

Micheal and I have this dream of exploring the corners of the world. 

Of touching all the beauty of the tropics.

Of tasting life in a different culture. 

Our many trips have been the appetizers to part of our grand adventure.

And we hunger for more. 

Yet, we have been halted by the realities of life. 

Our kids, our finances, our home ownership. 

In 9 years, we were going to sell it all and go. 

A few weeks ago we tossed that idea aside and say why not now?

(Well, honestly, I gave Micheal a whole speech and apparently was convincing enough.)

So, we decided to adapt our dream to our realities and figure out a way to breath life into moving closer towards our dream now. 

Step one: selling our house. 

Yes, we really are selling our house on Tybee. For now, we are listing it FSBO. 

And yes, we have looked at rentals already. 

It is a big ordeal to move. 

But for me, it is a bigger ordeal to die never having moved. 

Often, people will write and say, "I can't believe you are doing this" or "I never could..."

We are born to live. 

We are born to move. 

We are born to grow. 

My life has been enriched by planting my feet in the soils of different parts of our world. 

By catching the first winter snowflakes on my tongue. 

By chasing fireflies in the fields of the country. 

By sledding with the Amish. 

By playing piano in a castle in Ireland. 

By swimming with the dolphins. 

By vacationing on an island where the food boat only comes once every two weeks. 

By becoming part of a photo shoot on another island only to end up in a European magazine. 

By dancing in the waterfalls. 

By trying new.

All that I have been blessed to experience has added fuel to this gypsy soul. 

What is more amazing, is that my pseudo beach bum husband is ready too. 

Yes, most think he is the one who is the throw caution to the wind one and I am the grounded routine laden one, but it is actually reverse. 

So, I write this out. 

Not to try to change anyone or make someone feel bad, but for me. 

It is one thing to talk about something. 

It is another thing to put it out there for all to see. 

And yes, there are moments that fear takes hold and my mind tells me all the reasons this is crazy. 

Why it won't work.

Why I can't. 

Why I shouldn't. 

It's too much to get where you want to go. 

And when I allow those fears to seep in, I literally feel a change in my body and I become sad. 

The weight of the world rests on my shoulders. 

So, I fight all the negative off. 

And remind myself. 

We are at step one: selling the house. 

And our journey will move forward, broken down into manageable achievable steps. 

And I am going to enjoy every single one!

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